[*] Windows Vista now supported

[-] Bug fixed: audio track may be damaged while converting file to the AVI format

[*] New feature: receiving the network video broadcasting (not supported under Vista)

[*] Capturing the network video broadcasting if the ASF Direct Writer (version 1.4.x and above) is installed (not supported under Vista)

[*] Auto stop capture if free space on the hard disk is lower than 10 Mb

[*] Auto stop capture on hibernation/suspending/turning off the computer

[*] Full screen video playback mode

[+] Turning off the screen saver while playing

[+] Prevention of auto switching-off the monitor while playing

[+] "Always on top" mode

[+] Hiding tool bars

[-] Bug fixed: loading movie files without sound card present

[-] Fixed some minor bugs

[*] New feature: appending a few (up to 128 at a time) ASF/WMV files

[+] Appending files contained CBR video streams with different bitrates

[*] Appending pure audio files (Windows Media Audio, WMA)

[-] Fixed: copying video aspect ratio information while appending files

[*] Added feature: sound volume control while playing

[+] Changes in the AVI conversion: accurately processing short audio samples

[+] Changes in the AVI conversion: improvements in the graph building

[+] Changes in the graph building for files playback

[+] Improved algorithm of getting snapshot

[*] New feature: displaying text stream while playing (subtitles)

[-] Fixed minor bugs in the user interface

[-] Bug fixed: inserting a few non-key frames while converting file to the AVI format

[+] In the batch job more detailed information is displayed

[+] Added feature; suspend, hibernate or power off the computer after the batch job will be completed

[+] Added feature: audio stream resampling while converting file to the AVI format

[+] Saving AVI conversion statistics to the text file in the batch mode

[+] The video aspect ratio attributes are copied while saving file in the ASF/WMV format

[+] Support for Mainconcept DV Pro 3 codec

[-] Minor bugs are fixed

[-] Fixed: audio stream compensation in the ASF to AVI converter algorithm

[+] The version of the ASF to AVI converter is displayed in the conversion statistics

[+] When the new version of the WMV Direct is found, the information message appears once

[-] Fixed: converting some NTSC ASF-files with 30 fps to the AVI format

[-] Fixed: deleting a completed jobs from the list in the Job control window

[-] Fixed: clicks and noise in a output sound after converting to AVI format

[-] Fixed: saving a separate cutting interval in the ASF-file

[*] The audio stream is resampled while saving to AVI. So output audio stream format will be always equivalent to the input audio stream

[+] The input file streams analysis algorithm (when saving to AVI format) is optimized by speed

[+] The input file name is assigned for the output file by default when saving to AVI format

[+] Added feature: keeping video window aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9)

[+] Added feature: deleting input file after successfully completed batch job

[+] Added support for damaged ASF/WMV files (converting to AVI format only)

[+] The estimated completion time is displayed on saving and converting files

[+] Some improvements in the user interface

[-] Fixed: converting to AVI may hangs in some cases if an error occurred while converting

[-] Fixed: working with non-indexed ASF/WMV files

[-] Bug fixed: audio play duration correction while converting to the AVI format

[*] Trial period reset for previous versions

[x] There are no functionality changes; update protecting only

[+] Audio-video streams synchronization is preserved when converting ASWF/WMV file to the AVI format

[*] When WMV file converting to the AVI format, the audio stream has automatically decompressed to the PCM format

[*] Detailed ASF to AVI converting statistics

[+] Added feature: inversion all cutting intervals (Ctrl+I)

[+] Added feature: saving single cutting interval content to the ASF/WMV file

[+] After end of saving operation, the message box is displayed

[+] When the new version on the Web site is detected, information about changes is displayed

[+] Added using the VMR9 renderer

[+] Some improvements in the user interface

[-] Bug fixed: running WMV Direct on drag-and-drop movie file to the WMV Direct shortcut

[-] Bug fixed: showing property dialog box when third-party codecs used

[*] Saving output files in the AVI format, without recompression

[+] Showing progress of the saving operation on the Task Bar button

[+] Ask user to delete output file if operation was terminated by user

[-] Bug fixed: default extensions assigning on the save dialogs

[-] Bug fixed: running WMV Direct on session file click, when another instance of the WMV Direct already present

[-] Bug fixed: errors diagnostic while saving files

[+] Added batch saving mode

[+] Added extracting audio stream(s) to the WAV-file in PCM format

[+] You can run only one instance of the WMV Direct at the same time

[*] Added automatic check updates on the Web

[*] Now WMV Direct is commercial project

[*] Multilingual user setup program interface implemented - Russian and English are supported

[*] English help file added

[+] Assign Space key for play/pause movie playback

[+] Added popup menu for markers bar

[-] Bug fixed: incorrect output file extension assignment ("asf" and "wmv")

[*] Fully supported ASF files with streams compressed by third-party codecs (MJPEG, DV, HuffYUV, Pic Video Wavelet 2000, Pic Video Lossless JPEG, DivX, XviD)

[*] Showing codec name for movie with streams compressed by third-party codecs

[+] Some improvements in snaphot feature

[-] Bug fixed: retrieving file size for huge files

[-] Bug fixed: picture freezing after ising "manual playback" (Ctrl+Shift+Right)

[-] Bug fixed: incorrect movie file processing thats has streams compressed with MS MPEG-4 codec

[+] Added transition on 1...10 key frames feature forward/backward (Shift+1...Shift+0; Ctrl+1..Ctrl+0)

[+] Added transitions on 2 minutes forward/backward (Shift+Alt+Left/Right)

[+] Added recently opened files list

[*] Saving sessions feature added

[*] Session files extension (.wmvds) is registered for WMV Direct on installation process

[*] Autosaving session (autosave.wmvds) is implemented

[*] Movie or session file for open can be specified in the command line

[+] Changes in the installation script: all registry parameters will be deleted on uninstall process

[*] Multilingual user interface implemented (Russian and English). Quick change language - Ctrl+L

[-] Fixed VBR stream editing. There are two key frames reconstructing methods implemented - quick and complete (see help system for details)

[+] Improvements with file saving process

[*] Append movies feature added

[+] Estimating output file size and others improvements in the UI

[+] Some improvements with frame transition algorithm.

[*] Added "manual playback mode" (Ctrl+Shift+Right keys)

[*] Added fast playback mode

[*] Supports markers creating, deleting and renaming

[*] Supports transitions by key-frames

[*] Snapshot feature (BMP and JPEG output files)

[*] Preview in the open movie dialog box

[*] Checking available free space on the target disk when file is saving

[+] Autohide unused menus

[+] Showing cutting intervals on the timeline and other improvements in the interface

[-] Bug fixed: movie can not be rendered if no audio device present

[-] Bug fixed: memory leaking on the saving file process

[-] Bug fixed: memory leaking on showing movie properties dialog box

[-] Some improvements with VBR streams

[+] Showing movie duration

[+] Showing cutting interval duration in the cutting intervals list

[+] Base version

[+] Editing multi-stream files

[+] Copy addition information (such markers and so on)

[+] Supports indexing files

[+] Supports exporting profile